Ito Seisen

Seisen Ito is from Shinjuku Ward of Tokyo, Japan.

He has successfully created a beautiful world of his own which merges East and West through a wide variety of expressive techniques, from air brush to logotype to Sumie ink brush painting.

Seisen drew a lot of album jackets for musicians, domestic and overseas, of diverse musical genres while having live painting sessions with a lot of musicians.

He also has conducted a broad range of creative activities across categories, such as creating book covers, event posters, flyers and mural paintings, and art directions of painting exhibitions, and doing art works for commercial facilities, etc.

Seisen held his first private art show in California, U.S.A, in 2005.

He has gained a high reputation from both domestic and international communities.


Commentary on the artist

Seisen Ito is relaying a perpetual vision, like a resurgent painter for Ukiyoe prints, as a catalyst to encourage and foresee the beginning of pulsation of the heaven, the earth and the god (man) of a new era and an art initiator toward transformation in this age when we human beings are forced to purify and change ourselves.

He is the Japanese artist, I would say, who can conjure up the empathy and the sense of beauty we retain in the depth of our DNA, and provoke what is half forgotten that still remains in the mentality of us, modern people.

Hitomi Imamura, Star Poets Gallery

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画家。 多彩な表現技術を駆使し、西洋と東洋を融 合させた独自の美しい世界を創造してい る。 国内外のミュージシャンのアルバムカバー を多ジャンルにわたって手がけ、 多くのミュージシャンとペインティングで のセッション、書籍装画、ポスター、 フライヤー、商業施設、公共施設等の壁画 制作、アートワーク等、 ジャンルを問わない多彩な創作活動を展 開。
1997年より国内個展多数、2005年米国カリ フォルニアにて初個展 国内外で高い評価を得ている。
私たち人が、浄化と刷新をせまられる今、新たな時代の天・地・神(人)の脈動の始まりを予兆し、 現代社会に生きる私たちの メンタリティに宿す、忘れかけたものを呼 び起こし、DNAの深みにある共感と美意識を刺激する 日本人アーティストと
いえるでしょう。 スターポエ ッツギャラリー 今村仁美
伊藤清泉 Facebook