Kohei (Ko-hey) Yamaguchi (Tenor)



これまでに「ラ・ボエーム(LA BOHEME)」のロドルフォ(Rodolfo)、「愛の妙薬(L'elisir D'amore)」のネモリーノ(Nemorino)などを演奏会形式で演じている。


Kohei Yamaguchi (Tenor, Japan)
He started his music career through learning opera in Shōwa Academia Musicae. After graduation, he plays not only classical music, but also plays at the bars and venues. He feels more connections with audience in that kind of environment.  He has also played LA BOHEME Rodolfo, L'elisir D'amore Nemorino as concert style. Recently he performs crossover the different genres and plays at many places, as well as on the radio station for the victims of great east Japan earthquake in Fukushima, and so on.