Tazigen Festival "electric" opening party

Performers for 7th of August, 2015 at Marie Antoinette

I Saw The Deep 

(The Netherlands)

I Saw The Deep started out at sometime around the dawn of 2011 – initially as a solo-project by singer/guitarist Darrell Laclé- but manifests itself nowadays as a powertrio, with John Wever on bass and Domenico San Giorgi behind the drumkit. Since its inception the band has done a couple of mini international tours (CA, UK, AW, IR, JP) beside the local shows, with showcases at Indie Week Toronto 2011, Indie Week Ireland 2013 and a tour through Japan as a couple of the highlights so far.

I Saw The Deep produced its debut record entitled “Astronavigation” in the spring of 2012, with Laclé himself behind the knobs and instrumentation. The album artwork is done by Darrell as well.

An animation music video clip made by visual artist Ken Wolff was previously released of the 1st single “Phantom Island”, in anticipation towards the album.

“Astronavigation” is digitally available on different online platforms such as iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify. A digipack CD version was released in February 2013 on Bandcamp. 

I Saw The Deep are:
Darrell LaClé: Guitars, Vocals, Theremin
John Wever: Bass, Vocals
Domenico San Giorgi: Drums, Electronica


Official Website

Kiyoshi Fujikawa


A member of Fujin Raijin, Dopalfin, DDD(Dance Djembe Dance) and Mystical Communication Service from Berlin.


Djembe Performance, Electric Compose

Future Mapping -

When I play on djembe, I feel free.

When I feel free on djembe, time to start journey.

Sometimes on lonely planet, sometimes on middle of ocean.

Maybe next time on totally multiple dimension.

I am going to play “Time Tunnel” .

Old memory drives me crazy .

You can listen we can beyond the time.

Stay cool and peace.

Summer 2015@Berlin

Kiyoshi Fujikawa myspace



Born into a musical family, Emma’s life has always revolved around music.

At the age of eleven she started singing in an opera chorus and playing the violin and the piano. Her passion and love for Motown-Soul and classical songwriters soon made it clear to her that she wanted to be a professional musician. Over the years she continued her musical education, soon started writing her own songs and played in bands.

Her unique voice and rare sense for melodies and lyrics became an important expression of herself.

Today, it’s not only the soul of the sixties that makes Emma’s music. She found herself a mixture that’s hard to describe. It’s the emphatic unpretentious way of Aretha Franklin meeting Bon Iver - just Indie Soul!
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UBI&FU feat. Gerald Pasqualin from Mystical Communication Service, The Love Factory (Japan&Germany)

FU was formed in Japan in 2002, and changed its name to "UBI&FU" in 2013. FU means From Unconsciousness, For U, From the Universe, etc... Most of their songs come from Ubi Quitous's dream.

UBI&FU has performed at music festivals in many countries including NXNE 2012 and 2013, Indie Week 2011 and 2014(Canada), SpringScream 2012 and 2013(Taiwan), Midi Festival 2014(China), Tazigen Festival vol.2 in NY2014(USA), and ROCKGODDAM2012, 2013, Tazigen Festival 2013(Japan).

UBI sings with Japanese ancient style called "Yuri / Nabiki", which he acquired naturally and later he knows it's his ancestor who coordinated it. The style is especially used in Noh.


The 3rd album " LOVE I LOVE" was produced by Malcolm Burn, a Grammy-award winning producer, who has worked with Bob Dylan, Daniel Lanois, Emmylou Harris, etc. FU is the first band that Malcolm Burn produces in the sphere of Asia.


" Its not possible to really categorize the sound achieved by the band, working with Grammy Award winning producer Malcolm Burn. Think Muse with invented language." ('Round Magazine / USA)

“I was hypnotized by their innovative melodies and unique singing style. I have not yet seen anything like this before."(Music Psychos / Canada)

Tazigen Festival "electric" after party

Performers for 9th of August, 2015 at Marie Antoinette


(The Netherlands)

A first glimpse of alternative indie-rock band BoXruBa went public when the demo Should’ve Known was noticed by Dutch national radio DJ Sander Guis. And now their debut EP is a fact! With just a few mics, notebooks and the right vibe the Dutch-Aruban band recorded five unique tracks in their own studio, mixed by Songs in E-minor and mastered at Wisseloord Studios. The result: a solid, colorful EP containing the rock energy of Foo Fighters, the pop-feel of Incubus and the eclecticism of Mutemath. The song Too Late proved itself to be ideally suited for an intimate atmospheric music video, which is now online!

The energetic live show of BoXruBa features catchy rock songs with melodic guitar licks, a big bunch of synths and vocals of Aruban singer/guitarist Aymar Middendorp, who recently took part in the television program The Best Singer-Songwriter of the Netherlands, hosted by the popular Dutch radio DJ Giel Beelen.

Prior to BoXruBa the band members gained quite a performing experience, both across and outside Europe. From trashy rock bars to trendy clubs and multi-day festivals in South America, from Rhythm&Booze Aruba and Paradiso Amsterdam to Festival Mawazine in Morocco, the second largest festival in the world.


Aymar Middendorp // Vocals & guitars
Roel Denteneer // Guitars & backing vocals Wouter van der Dennen // Keys & backing vocals Tim van de Sande // Bass
Joost Kurstjens // Drums & percussion


Takeshi Nishimoto × 

Chikara Aoshima × 

Ryo Fujimoto


Takeshi Nishimoto (born in Fukuoka, Japan) is a classically-trained guitarist and composer who is conversant with European, Northern Indian, and American jazz classical traditions. In addition to collaborations with diverse artists late sitar master Rahul Sakyaputra to I'm Not a Gun associate John Tejada, Nishimoto has also performed extensively as a solo artist.


Since 2002, Nishimoto has been signed to UK/Germany based Record Label, City-Centre-Offices and performed major venues and festivals in the USA, Japan and throughout Europe.


Nishimoto is currently involved in many projects, ranging from soundtracks to gallery-based sound installations. His unique style of guitar playing makes him both a much sought after collaborator and mentor for a broad range of musical projects


The latest album 'Lavandula' was released on Berlin-based sonic pieces label in August 2013.


He resides in Berlin, Germany since June 2005.






Chikara Aoshima

Drummer and Composer. Chikara Aoshima was born in Hamamatsu Japan. He started playing drums about 14 years old. Chikara entered Pan School of Music. There he played with a number of bands. ZANZO was one of them which is a Progressive Electronic Rock band. He performed with them in SXSW 2005 in Austin, TX. In 2007, he entered to Berklee College of Music In Boston U.S. In 2011, he graduated from Berklee College of Music. In 2012, two of his tracks featured by Sup peeps record from London the UK In 2013, his album "Close Down" was released from Somehow recording in the UK. He moved to Berlin in Germany. and he focuses on combining between Electronic music and Acoustic music also visual arts.




Ryo Fujimoto

“ Ryo, born in Japan but based in Berlin, is a whirling dervish of a performer. Vocal fragments do indeed form percussion,

but listening to the artist himself is like listening to a human sampler. Sounds from his voice and assembled electronics spin and build in dizzying, hypnotic splendor, rapid-fire lyrics reaching frenzied proportions, before being dialed back more contemplative mantras.” - Create Digital Music.com

Darrell LaClé
(The Netherlands)

Darrell performed at the after party instead of Lorenz Gabriel Aenis, who was injured just before the festival and had to cancel his performance.

Tazigens 2015
(The earth)

Tazigens 2015 is a special mixed band, consists of several performers of “Tazigen Festival vol.3 in Berlin”, including Ubi Quitous
They perform music with their multi-dimensional experiences. 

DJ(Both 7th & 9th of August)

DJ: KUNIO (from Tokyo) Since 1997, KUNIO has been performing in and around

Tokyo. His ‘pop’ selection to Rock, Soul and R&B, ranging from 60s oldies to contemporaries, will guarantee you a night filled with excitements!


Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/miwakunokunio

Twitter: http://twitter.com/miwakunokunio


Marie-Antoinette @ BOGEN47

Holzmarktstrasse, 15-18 – 10179 Berlin

(Corner Holzmarktstrasse / Michaelkirchbrücke – Behind the BVG Building)

S+U-Bahn: Jannowitzbrücke